Equipment Hire T&C’s

Sport Equipment Hire – Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions contain important information. It is essential that you carefully read and understand them.


All rental items are the property of Siesta Advisor Javea. Full right, title and ownership of the equipment will be retained at all times with Siesta Advisor Javea.


Renter agrees to have the item(s) in good condition, ready for pick up at the stated date, time, and location. Renter is responsible for requesting any changes or extensions to the rental period by phone or email as soon as possible. Authorization for any changes to the rental period requested by Renter may be made verbally, in writing by Siesta Advisor Javea. Any extension of the stated rental period may result in additional charges to Renter. If the early return of rental items is requested, no credit will be given for unused days.

Equipment returned late will incur extra daily fee when returned after the agreed upon return time/date unless otherwise arranged with Siesta Advisor Javea.


We will accept and hold unconfirmed reservation for a limited period of time. Your booking will not be confirmed until we receive your completed Booking Form and deposit or full payment. The deposit (50% of total cost) must be paid within 4 working days of returning the completed form in order to secure the dates. Reservations may expire if a deposit is not received by that date. Full payment is due 12 weeks prior to your pick up date.

Equipment delivered to your accommodation or the previously agreed destination daily at 10am on the first day and collected 6pm on the last day of the rental period.  No refunds will be made due to items returned early or for equipment hired but not used.

Renter shall pay rental for the entire Rental Period on each article of equipment named in the Choice of Equipment, at the rate therein stipulated.


Renter has examined the rental items and found all items to be in good condition at the time of delivery, and agrees to return all items in the same condition as received (normal use expected).


Customer understands and agrees that any subleasing or re-letting of rental equipment is prohibited and that any such sublease or re-letting shall immediately cause termination of this contract.


Renter agrees that the use of the equipment carries with it dangers and risk of injury and the Renter agrees to accept all dangers and risk. The equipment shall not be used by anyone other than the Renter without the expressed permission of Siesta Advisor Javea.

The Renter agrees to operate, maintain and store the equipment strictly in accordance with any  instruction provided by Siesta Advisor Javea, with due care and diligence, only for its intended use and in accordance with any manufacturer`s instructions and recommendations whether supplied or posted on the equipment as to the operations, maintenance and storage thereof.

Renter agrees to use all item(s) as intended by the manufacturer, comply with manufacturer’s instructions, and not exceed weight or other limits established by the manufacturer.


In addition to charges incurred for the rental period, Renter will be charged for all costs associated with the repair, replacement, or cleaning of item(s) that are returned damaged, missing parts (including instruction manuals), or are returned  in exceptionally dirty, stained condition. In the event any item(s) are returned in a condition that renders the item(s) unsuitable to be rented (at the sole discretion of  Siesta Advisor Javea), Renter will be obligated to purchase the item(s) and will be charged for the replacement cost of the item(s) plus any related delivery charges, in addition to charges incurred for the rental period.


Any item(s) not returned by the Renter for any reason at the end of the agreed pick-up time will be charged to Renter at the replacement cost of the item(s) in addition to charges incurred for the rental period.


Credit card details and a photocopy of the hirers licence are required as security and will be returned at the completion of the hire. If the customer prefers not to leave his/her passport and/or credit card details, Siesta Advisor Javea will accept a cash deposit of € 200 per any of the kayaks, € 250 per Red Air SUP, € 500 per Circle One SUP, € 200 per cruiser bike, € 350 per mountain bike, € 500 per road bike, € 100 per golf bags / bike trailer / poker table and chips and € 50 per skate board / scooter / framed back carrier. The deposit will be refunded if the rented equipment is returned in the same conditions it was procured.

We ask you to respect our sport equipment while it is in your possession. The equipment must be treated with care. Please return all equipment in good condition and report any problems you had, damage caused and/or any repairs needed.

We take pride in our gear and hope you will enjoy and appreciate the value of our top of the line equipment.


We understand you may need to change your rentals, possibly at short notice and we may need to change our rental due to safety reasons or comfort.

Fares will not be refunded for short notice cancellation or if clients miss their gear pick up time due to late arrival.  Please tell us if it becomes necessary to cancel your booking.

The following cancellation fees may apply:

  • Less than 7 days prior to date – 100% rental cost charged
  • 7 – 14 days 50% of rental cost charged
  • More than 14 days – rental cost fully refund
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