Rental conditions for driving a 125cc scooter

1. Generals

Minimum age of the driver is 21 years old. It is required at least a minimum of three years old driving
license. The driver admits that he has received the vehicle in perfect working conditions and is
obliged to return it in the same manner. The driver is recognized as the Official Receiver and in
reason of this fact he is responsible for the sanctions and fines controversies received. Only the
contracted driver himself is allowed to drive the vehicle.

2. Use of vehicle

Driver undertakes to drive the vehicle carefully and in accordance with the law.

3. It is prohibited:

  • a. To transport people or merchandise when this undertakes the rental of the vehicle.
  • b. It is ban for drivers that are not on the contract to drive the vehicle.
  • c. To drive under the conditions of alcohol, drugs or any other product that could cause alteration on
    the human body, any illness or fatigue.

4. Returns of vehicle.

The vehicle will be returned on the date and on the place specified on the contract. Any alteration
must be previously authorized by leaser. These conditions, entitled the lesser to demand the return
of the vehicle and to apply the sanction that will be specified on the averse of the rental contract.

5. Insurance

The tariffs include third party insurance, legal defence in Spain. The insurance company does not
assume responsibilities in such cases as drunkenness, intoxication with drugs, excess speed driving
on the left-hand side, disregard of traffic signs, mechanical breakdowns that may result from
negligence, etc.

6. Deposit

The renter could ask on the moment of the rent a deposit from 100 euro – 900 euro. The deposit will
be refunded at the end of the rental if the conditions have been respected and the vehicle is
returned on the same conditions that it was rented.

7. In case of an accident

The renter must immediately contact the rental office and the partner government authorities, do
not move the vehicle from the scene of accident without permission from the rental office. Under no
circumstances should the renter discuss nor realize any pacts, nor leave the vehicle without having
taken all measures necessary to avoid further damage or loss, the infringement of these rules
involves the renter´s full responsibility for the consequences. When the accident happens outside
the town where the hire company is established, the renter will be charged with the cost for
transporting the vehicle to the company´s garage, including when the accident is due to a
mechanical breakdown, the hire-company repudiates any responsibility. The client cannot claim any
indemnification for the interruption of services. In case of mechanical breakdown of the vehicle, the
hire-company repudiates any responsibility. The client cannot claim any indemnification for the
expanses of personal transport to his residence. Any damage incurred through the fault of the
renter, the renter pays the same. The renter declares to accept all the conditions of the present
contract by signing it overleaf. In case of any disagreement about the application of the clauses
mentioned, the renter submits to Spanish Law and to the jurisdiction of the Court in Valencia,
whatever his own nationality may be.

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