Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Hire - Terms and Conditions

This rental policy aims to clarify the risks and responsibilities for you and us when booking and undertaking an adventure tour.


Siesta Advisor Javea requires previous paddling experience and/or formal instruction.  Before renting a kayak or stand up paddle board, you may be required to demonstrate your experience and knowledge by answering some safety related questions. Every equipment rented is required to have an appropriate life jacket for each occupant carried within the craft at all times. Siesta Advisor Javea will rent life jackets with each vessel.

Please note: you may be required to provide practical demonstration of your paddling and rescue skills prior to hiring. Siesta Advisor Javea reserves the right to limit the areas in which rental clients can paddle and/or refuse hire due to adverse weather conditions or if a client is unsuitable due to age, size, ill health or poor fitness.


Nature may be beautiful and inspiring, but it is not always gentle, sea conditions can change quickly. As such, unguided kayak, SUP rentals are suited to experienced and confident paddlers only who understand sea conditions and how to manage risks.

Participants in our rental program are required:

  • To understand sea conditions and the risks involved in the activity.
  • To wear a Personal Flotation Device at all times while in the vessel.
  • To be kayaking with at least one other person (no solo paddling).
  • To understand the vessel and how to use the safety equipment.
  • To be able to swim and rescue themselves in deep water.
  • To have previous paddling experience.
  • To not stand up in the kayak.
  • To protect environment by not leaving litter on beaches.
  • To pay close attention to avoid collisions with other users of the water i.e. motorboats, jet ski, water ski, kayaks, and swimmers.
  • To pay close attention to other dangerous situations such as strong currents, tide, flood, poor weather, waves, unstable cliffs.
  • To make sure all children supervised of an adult at all times.
  • To place  all  equipment  in  a  safe  place  when  stopping  and/or getting out of the kayak.
  • Not being under influence of alcohol or drugs before or during kayak and/or stand up paddle board rental.


We will accept and hold unconfirmed reservations for a limited period of time. Your booking will not be confirmed until we receive your completed Booking Form and deposit or full payment. The deposit (50% of total cost) must be paid within 4 working days of returning this completed form in order to secure the dates. Reservations may expire if a deposit is not received by that date. Full payment is due 12 weeks prior to your tour date.

4. RATES * IVA inclusive

Equipment delivered to and can be picked up at the agreed destination daily at 10am and must be returned by 6pm when rented full day (in total 8 hours each day) and 2pm when rented half day (in total 4 hours). No refunds will be made due to equipment returned early or for equipment hired but not used.

Kayak or SUP hire includes single or double kayak or SUP, seat, backrest, life jacket (Personal Flotation Device), paddle and spray deck (where applicable). The followings are provided per groups: maps, weather forecast.  We recommend bringing: dry clothes, towel, food, water, sun cream, communication device. Other beach equipment is available to hire: shorty wet suit, snorkelling gear.


Customer understands and agrees that any subleasing or re-letting of rental equipment is prohibited and that any such sublease or re-letting shall immediately cause termination and cancellation of this contract.


Equipment returned late will incur a charge of € 10 per hour when returned after the agreed upon return time/date unless otherwise arranged with Siesta Advisor Javea.


Credit card details and a photocopy of the hirers licence are required as security and will be returned at the completion of the hire. If the customer prefers not to leave his/her passport and/or credit card details, Siesta Advisor Javea will accept a cash deposit of € 200 per any of the kayaks, € 250 per Red Air SUP, and € 500 per Circle One SUP. The deposit will be re-funded if the rented equipment is returned in the same conditions it was procured.

We ask you to respect our sport equipment while it is in your possession. The kayaks and stand up paddle boards must be treated with care. Do not drag them, and be particularly careful when launching or recovering across rocks or uneven ground. Please return all equipment in good condition and report any problems you had, damage caused and/or any repairs needed. The renter will be charged for repairs or replacement of damaged or lost equipment. Siesta Advisor Javea reserves the sole right to determine the condition returned.

List of charges:

  • Dents, gauges, scrape € 10 each
  • Hole € 75 each
  • Loss, non-return of kayak, SUP and equipment will be charged at full retail cost + 1 week hire
  • Damage, breakages, loss to any ancillary equipment will be charged at full retail cost

We take pride in our gear and hope you will enjoy and appreciate the value and performance of our top of the line equipment.


We understand you may need to change your rentals, possibly at short notice and we may need to change our rental due to safety reasons or comfort. Siesta Advisor Javea reserves the right to cancel your booking prior to departure due to adverse weather conditions or forecasts. On this event you will be notified as soon as possible and given the option of transferring to another date or receiving a full refund.

Fares will not be refunded for short notice cancellation or if clients miss their vessel pick up time due to late arrival. Please tell us if it becomes necessary to cancel your booking. 

The following cancellation fees may apply:

  • Less than 14 days prior to date - 100% rental cost charged
  • 15-30 days prior to date - 50% of rental cost charged
  • More than 30 days - rental cost fully refunded

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