Poker Holiday

Poker Holiday

On poker night, anything can happen; guys are free to be themselves. It's not about the towers of chips collected, the snacks or the beer. Okay it's about the high towers, but it's also a chance to celebrate being a man. A round table around which man can demonstrate their dexterity, prowess, physical and mental reactions, problem solving ability and overall game play.

Poker is currently undergoing a surge in popularity and is becoming a rage. Everyone from teenagers to the elderly are playing it. For those of you who haven't got into a game of poker yet, it might be time to start, because sometimes there can be nothing quite like the fun of playing poker with a group of friends. When you gather together with your buddies for a week, mainly in order to catch up on the year that has gone by, playing Texas Hold`em can be a fantastic way to create your own entertainment.

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