SUP Courses & Guided Tours

SUP Courses & Guided Tours

Stand up paddle boarding is the new, eco-friendly way to get out on the water and have fun. Standing on the board gives a unique view of the marine life below. Connecting with nature, enjoying the benefits of the salty water from on the water will restore your balance, calm your spirit, and refresh your body and mind. One of the most appealing things about stand up paddle boarding is the overall feeling of well-being and fitness that you feel after a paddle.

SUP may be practiced and is beneficial for all age groups. It's easy to learn and anyone can do it! We greatly recommend SUP for children to develop their balance, core strength, endurance, focus, strength, neuromuscular coordination, agility and confidence. We use only the best board designed to match the requirements of the rider of all abilities. Giving their personal attention our experienced instructors will teach you all the basic skills. If you are feeling up for it and time allows we can even go for a short paddle further along the coast. Only one thing left to tell: learning to paddle surf could be the beginning of a new lifelong passion. Ready, steady, paddle!

Excursion Packages

Title Time Price
SUP Course Playa del Arenal 1.5h 45,00 €
SUP Course & Guided Tour Playa del Arenal 2h 55,00 €
SUP Guided Tour Playa de La Granadella 2.5h 65,00 €
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