Night SUP & Kayak Tours

Night SUP & Kayak Tours

Siesta Advisor Javea brings you the ultimate new way to enjoy your favourite outdoor adventures long after the sun goes down. Evenings provide extended playtime and a new dimension of fun, which is rarely explored. By lighting the water from the bottom of your board and kayak, you can create a whole new paddling experience revealing the magic of the water beneath you. So light up and let the thrill and mystery begin!

The innovative and durable waterproof lighting systems were built and designed for rugged underwater use. Increased visibility also provides an added safety benefit. Combine Javea`s sensational sunsets with an idyllic evening glow stand up paddle board or kayak excursion. This will be a night to remember, especially at Full Moon..

Full Moon Tour dates are: 11th of Apr, 10the of May, 9th of Jun, 9th of Jul, 7th of Aug, 6th of Sep, 5th of Oct, 4th of Nov, 3rd of Dec

Excursion Packages

Title Time Price
SUP Night Tour Playa del Arenal 1.5h 65,00 €
SUP Full Moon Tour Playa del Arenal 2h 75,00 €
Kayak Night Tour Playa de La Granadella 1.5h 60,00 €
Kayak Full Moon Tour Playa de La Granadella 2h 70,00 €
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