ALDER Softboard

The Alder Delta softboard is a perfect board for beginner to intermediate riders in search of their first undercover missions. Although they do not have a hard overall surface they have a strong foam composition and solid base making them stable, durable and safe for use by all ages.

ALDER Assault Bodyboard 42”

The Alder Assault 42" bodyboard is based around a classic template with a crescent tail for control and plenty of spins and turns. The board features 60/40 rails and channels for drive and hold. Constructed with Cross link deck and rails for stiffness, a 55mm EPS core and a durable HDPE bottom skin.

ALDER Delta Force Skimboard

Ideal for your holidays at the beach, or if you are a beginner looking for something to play around as an introduction to skimboarding. Alder Delta is a well-designed genuine maple plywood skimboard. Use them standing up or skim along on your torso - great for those no surf days - or for those who don't want to get their hair wet.

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