PENNY Original 22” Skateboards

We bring you one of the finest and stylish skateboards out there! The Penny Original 22” Skateboard is where it all started, it’s what Penny is all about – fun, freedom and the highest quality components possible. With its sharp turns and small surface area, they are the perfect way to get you around town. Plus with its small size it never gets in your way and even fits right in your backpack.

MINDLESS Wreather Longboard

Explore the beauty of freeriding with this aggressive downhill, carving and sliding board, the Mindless Wreather. The construction features top ply light bamboo, 6-ply Canadian maple core and bottom ply smoked zebra stripe bamboo for maximum strength and lightness. Its 40 x 10 inch deck provides a stable platform and the twin tip lets you ride both switch and regular seamlessly.

MINDLESS Creeper Longboard

We are stoked to bring you the just a meter long, slick retro design board, the Creeper. Having elements of a downhill board, the Creeper is comfortable whether you are peacefully cruising the streets or going mad and bombing a hill. With flush mounted drop through trucks and full length grip, you have access to 100% of the deck space to fully optimize that low centre of gravity.

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