PERCEPTION Scooter Comfort - Solo Sit-on Kayak

There are sit-ons... and then there's the Scooter! Generally considered the best looking sit-on top around. The exceptional stability and user friendly handling means you have a versatile kayak to suit families and thrill seekers at the beach. Paddlers of all abilities will benefit from the smooth and predictable ride, stability and manoeuvrability.

PERCEPTION Scooter Gemini Comfort - Tandem Sit-on Kayak

The Scooter Gemini is all about sharing the fun times, it is fun for two! Actually classed as a two and a “half person” boat it can accommodate up to 2 adults and a child in the smaller centre seat. The Gemini obviously still functions perfectly as a purely tandem kayak (for those planning to leave the kids at home).

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